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Powerful and Safe-to-use Wireless Air Compressive Leg Massager

BP-Relax-A1 Wireless Air Compressive Leg Massager

BP-Relax-A1 Wireless Air Compressive Leg Massager is an air compression system indicated to temporarily relieve muscle tension and to increase blood circulation to get fast recovery to the treated areas.


Portable Wearable Design

Lightweight design, suitable for home use, office relaxation, and vehicle travel.

Removable and rechargeable battery

One-click pop-up battery is detachable, easy to charge, and a spare battery can be replaced for long-term use.

Equipped with a charging energy storage box and a traditional charging port, on-board charging is available.

One-click convenient operation

One-click design, bid farewell to cumbersome, and equipped with WeChat applet intelligent control.

Safety and reliability

One-key pressure relief valve to ensure safety, self-circulating air cooling system, reduce component heating and increase the reliability of the host.

Product Details

BP-Relax-A1 massage the limbs through the multi-chamber it can improve blood circulation, prevent lower extremity edema and venous thrombosis, relieves pain, eliminate fatigue

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